Starsky Hutch Ford Gran Torino Cars

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starsky and hutch car

starsky and hutch car is nothing but the Gran Torino which came into existence through Starsky & Hutch television series on ABC television. Just like any other hobby, there are people who have the habit of tracking classic cars and purchase them now and then. If you fall into that category or have serious interests in cars, then you can follow for latest updates.

The TV series got telecasted in 1975 and 1979.The car was inspired by many during the era. Kids became crazy on the look of the car, and there was even a hot wheel version of the Gran Torino car.Seeing the overwhelming popularity, Ford stepped forward in producing 1000 such Starsky & Hutch Gran Torino which was sold around the country. Though there was more volume of duplicate cars finding the original ones became more challenging for buyers. During the production process, at least 10 Ford Grand Torino were totalled as the storyline is about hunting down criminals and is fictional. The name of the car “Torino” was derived from the name “Turin”. Torino was Ford’s intermediate car.

Torino was an upscale version of Ford Fairlane. After 1970, Fairlane cars became the subset. The body of the car is pretty straight and is free of rust. It will neither creak or will make any rattling sounds. The suspension of the car has been built with stiffer rear leaf springs.
Though Gran Torino comes in various colours, the car which is bright red in colour with a big white vector stripe on either side is pretty popular. The hood of the car is inappropriately long and the car seats are bucket shaped which may make you feel that it should have been partitioned. The seats are bucket-shaped with vinyl covering. Anyone who wishes to buy the car seeing the outlook would rarely get impressed by the interiors. This is the main reason it looks like an odd man out when it hits the road.

The car runs relatively fast at 60mph in 5.6seconds, and it can cover the quarter mile in 14.1 seconds. The steering control has an effect which is inferential. The rise of Ford cars started with Gran Torino, and they continue to manufacture high-quality cars till date.

Few people even feel the car to be a childish car or even a striped tomato. When ignited the car gives a growling and roaring sound which will make you feel deaf. As soon as you see the car apart from paint, the next thing that attracts your eyes would be the bumpers which are bigger in size.

Many Torino cars were conventional cars, and they are the most popular model. They are equipped with four-door sedans and has a couple of hardtops. Ford took a deeper dive in creating increased performance versions which have robust engines. They were termed as “Cobra Jet” engines. Those Torino cars with high performance are termed as muscle cars which are well known for its racing heritage.

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